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Deilin Fitbit Charge 2 Bands

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•  Also sold in Amazon.de (ASIN: B07T41JDPT)

• 【Replaceable for Fitbit Charge 2】 Deilin bracelets for Fitbit Charge 2 are made of skin-friendly silicone for a comfortable fit in everyday life. Made for style, comfort, non-toxicity, odorless, allergy-free and stimulation. Deilin Sport Fitness wristband is environmentally friendly and maximum performance, feels light and soft, ensures a comfortable fit during sport or leisure.

•【Connector and buckle design】 These replacement wristbands for Fitbit Charge 2 are supplied with metal clasps on both ends that snap precisely and securely onto the bracelet and can be directly installed and removed within minutes. The buckle and loop design keeps the straps secure, when worn they can easily fall off. The design of these replacement wristbands corresponds to the ergonomic human construction principles and is durable.

•【Multi-color selection, two sizes available】 Available in 17 colors and styles. You can easily buy an entire collection of replacement wristbands to get a variety of options to highlight your personal style, or even different Fitbit Charge 2 replacement wristbands for every day of the week. Small size for wrist circumference is from 5.5 "to 6.7". Large size for wrist circumference is from 6.7 "to 8.1".

•【Ideal for sports and leisure】 These replacement wristbands are made of sweat, dust and water-repellent silicone, are abrasion-resistant and resistant to deformation. With this replacement wristband you stay comfortable even during the toughest training sessions. Deilin bracelet for Fitbit Charge 2 is safe for human skin and provides a pleasant experience when you play sports or enjoy in your free time.

•【CUSTOMER SERVICE】 There is a little difference in the color of the picture and the bracelet, which does not affect the quality. Before you order the wristbands, take a look at the size table on the left.





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