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Deilin bicycle rear light

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•  Also sold in Amazon.de (ASIN: B086KTWCSJ)

[Wide angle lighting and super lighting] The bicycle rear light has an optical honeycomb design, and the lighting to the front is up to 220 degrees. In other words, there is enough lighting on both sides of the bicycle rear light to ensure visibility of the side, which can effectively prevent accidents and improve safety.

[Micro USB charging and battery indicator] Not sure if you should charge the taillight? Don't worry, the product has a battery warning indicator (blue LED). If it is lit, you need to charge the battery. Our bicycle taillight contains a 200mAh LIR2025 battery. The battery can be fully charged in a meal and can be used for about 4 hours.

[Rich functions & easy to assemble] The new flexible, quickly connectable rear light is as light as a small egg. It can be used not only as a helmet lamp, but also on strollers, backpacks and pet collars. The taillight has hooks on both sides, and they can be firmly attached to the seat ring with rubber bands without slipping. No screwdriver is required for assembly, and children can install it in seconds.

[Including bicycle bell and IPX5 waterproof] The bell is made of high quality stainless steel. The sound is bright and clear, audible even in a noisy environment. The screwless bicycle bell with two rubber bands is suitable for almost all types of bicycles. The bike light has passed the IPX5 waterproof test. A higher waterproof class means more options, e.g. it can also be used on rainy days.

[Safety certification and delivery packaging] Our bicycle rear lights have been approved by the German road traffic regulations. You also get CE and RoHS qualification and KBA certification. The package includes a bicycle rear light, two rubber bands (rubber rings), a bicycle bell, a micro USB cable and an instruction manual. We strive to make you happy and always at your service.





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